How this fancy idea works?

Leave No Trace+1 is a motto created to end the trash epidemic at music festivals. The idea is simple, pick up after yourself and one other person who might not be, if half of us do it the venue will be spotless for all of us.

It's our duty to get down and dirty to save the planet. The more effort you give to this idea, the more you will get out.

The Experience

Imagine a world where trash wasn't a factor. Well that's possible if we all participate in this program.

Festival Support

Producers and staff need your help. Spread the message and pick up trash for yourself +1 from here on out.

Truth in the Numbers:

Imagine at a 10,000 person festival that 95% of people properly disposed of their trash, this still leaves 500 people wandering the venue leaving their trash behind. If everyone leaves 5 pieces throughout the day there would be 2,500 pieces of trash which would make the venue look very sad.
The Concept

One of the principles of Burning Man is no leave no trace. We want to take this idea and spread it to all festivals, but with a twist of picking up one more person's trash too.

the world is watching

Now is the time to get active and help spread the word. Get your lawn signs, get your bumper stickers, and get your game face on! It's time to change the landscape of festivals from trashy to classy.


Reusable products are the best way to cut down on your waste.

pick up 3

Everyday pickup the first three pieces of trash that you see. Can you imagine if we all do this!

team player

Remind anyone you see leave their trash behind that we all need to do our part.

game time

Play "You kick it you pick it" with your friends.

It's Time to Take Matters Into Our Own Hands

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It's our mission to ensure you have all the tools you need to spread this message. Drop us a line and we'll get back to as quickly as possible.

This is the beginning of something big and it's time to jump on this wave with us. Thanks for stopping by!